Happiness is what you don’t have

what is happiness? one of the unanswered questions in philosophy. Happiness is different for different people.

for example-

  • Happiness for a student is good marks
  • Happiness for a farmer is good crops
  • Happiness for a retired father is good future for his children
  • Happiness for a beggar is money
  • Happiness for a mother is her child growing to become successful
  • Happiness for a blogger is more followers/views
  • Happiness for an athlete is medal

so, what can we conclude from these? Happiness is what you don’t have, it is what you want.

So, shouldn’t we be grateful for what we have and not crave after what we don’t have?

yes, love the things which are and be grateful for them, but also, don’t be afraid to dream big. There’s always more to life.

Challenges is what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life beautiful

Conclusion– Happiness is not what you don’t have, it is achieving what you didn’t have before.