Don’t bottle it up, write it down

Yes, i am talking about diary.  I am 16 years old and i have been maintaining a daily diary since past 7 years. It is more beneficial than you think-

There’s plenty of benefits to keeping a diary/journal:

1) Being able to look back on your life- I think this would be the most rewarding part of writing a diary. Usually people forget what it was like in 16 when they turn 17 years old. now, when i look back at my old diaries, i find them amusing and kinda stupid (in a way, how stupid i was), but most importantly, i remember myself, i remember how i was at that time.

2) Writing your feelings- Whether you are on cloud 9 or depressed or angry or ashamed, you can always count on your diary. It will listen to you always and never judge you and will always be there for you. I’ll be there for you *friends reference*

3) Personal development- This one is kind of related to the first one. when i look at my old diaries i realize what i was  at that time. i realize how much i have changed over time. which goals i have achieved, what have i earned etc.

5) Improves your writing- I think i can say that in writing, i am ahead of my classmates. Persistence is the key to achieving almost anything. Do it a lot and you will get it or be better in it.

So in the end, writing a diary is a rewarding experience, and I encourage people to try it.

The problem with people is they leave it after some time as they cannot find the time to write it on a daily basis. Don’t write daily, start with twice or thrice a week. You will eventually get there. The thing is- make it a habit, not a chore. Just start! and half of it is already done.

Even now, I’m writing the story of my life. *one direction reference*

And that, is a beautiful thing.


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