Don’t hug a teddybear

Yes, you read that right. What harm could be caused by hugging a teddy bear? Technically, none. What I am trying to say here is don’t hug a teddy bear if you have a person to hug.

That person can be anyone, your mom, your sister, your dad, your grand mom, your friend, anyone.

My point here is- never forget the significance of the people around you, they are more important than you think. They matter to you more than material things.

People spend a lot of time in buying and polishing their material things. Material thing could be  anything ranging from the expensive dress you saw at the mall to your i phone to money.

In fact, people have started loving material things more than the people around them.

  • I once read in newspaper that an 8th class student was murdered in a fight at school and the fight was over some stupid bet of Rs.50. Seriously? This is what we are passing to our children? Kill someone over money?
  • In fact, in my own school, a boy of class 9 got internal bleeding in the chest because he had some fight with his classmates, they were suspended of course.

But look at how stupid that is, Hurting someone for some issue over money? All this wouldn’t have happened if only one person would have acted in a decent manner. A fight cannot happen because of one person, two people need to participate, right?  Be that one person who doesn’t co-operate, be that one person who brings calm, be that one person who doesn’t fight.

OK, i think i am going off topic.

My point here is that more than money, more than your phone, more than your favorite dress, more than anything, you will require people. Never forget the value of the people around you.

So, the next time you have a teddy bear in front of you, don’t hug it, go to your mom in the kitchen, or to your dad’s room, or your little sister who is playing in the garden, go to them and hug them.