Do 2 digits determine your happiness?

I find myself asking this question as tomorrow are my 10th class board exam results. In India, board exams are overrated and so are the results. 

I remember, in my class, during the unit tests and half-yearly, many people cry because they just missed the A grade or because they didn’t get the marks they expected or because their parents won’t allow them home for getting less marks!

I remember once in Social science I got 15 on 30, and no, I didn’t cry while other people who got 24 on 30 cried. But later, at the end of the year, I got a 10 cgpa (this was in class 9)

Seriously, from years now, who will ask you how you performed in your class 9 unit test in social science?

And in the future, when you are all settled with your job, are class 10 board results gonna matter?  NO, no one will.

Of course a few day after your results, you will feel bad when you tell people your cgpa or %, if you get bad ones. In fact, even in a few weeks no one will ask you about it.

So, don’t worry! These grades don’t determine your life or your happiness. And always remember- Happiness is a choice!