Dream diary

Are you one of those people who want to be more aware of who they are?  Do you wanna lucid dream (control what happens in a dream)? Then, Dream diary is the right thing to do. It is self-explanatory, a diary about the dreams you get.

Things you will need-

  • a diary
  • pen or pens (i personally use colored pens, i write in red pen if i get a happy dream and in black if i get a nightmare)
  • sleep

The problem would probably be-“But i don’t even have any dreams!”

Answer- Of course, you have. Everyone has dreams every night. If you think you don’t have any dreams, that is just not true. You don’t remember your dreams, and dream diary is here to help


What you need to do-

  • Sleep at least 7 hours every night
  • Immediately after you wake up, write in your dream diary, as much as you remember
  • Keep your dream diary in your bedside table for convenience

Why should i do this-

  1. Improve your dream recall– You will remember more of your dreams as you do it regularly. As for me, I now dream everyday and maintain a regular dream diary. (for example- I remember i dreamt last night that my class teacher was scolding me for some reason, then Sheldon Cooper from the big bang theory came to my help and was arguing with my teacher.)
  2. You are not far away from lucid dreaming- Yes, you can control what you dream and you can be aware that you are dreaming. I have had a few lucid dreams in the past few weeks.
  3. Dreams make you more creative. It’s a scientifically known fact that during dreaming your logical processes shut down and your creative centers take over.
    Writing down your dreams also gives you a record of your creative insights.
  4. Detect dream patterns-How many times in the last month have you dreamt about the cute guy in your maths class? Writing down your dreams helps you see which people, places, things are in your subconscious.
  5. Review dreams later-You can look at your dream diary later to see if there is a dream pattern or if what you dream has come true! You can develop psychic powers.
  6. It’s fun! So why not try it? There’s nothing to lose

When i look back and try to remember from where i got this idea? It was from Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix, remember the part where they have to write their dreams as a homework for their Divination class from Ms. Trelawney.

So make a dream diary, then tell me where your dream journey has led you to.