Get your shoes on and get going

Running! It is not only good for your soul, but for your body and brain too. Runners know how running has changed their life. It is not just a way to be healthy, but the key to happiness too! (yes, it is scientifically proved)


I have been running every morning since November 2015 and it is still going on, and i am sure i would not give up. Not only it helps me wake up early and start the day, it also is good for health, and happiness. In the beginning, it seemed quite difficult to wake up early, in fact, i skipped many a times due to laziness. But now, it makes me happy. Now i can run almost 3 km without stopping, and yes, it feels great.

The sweat, the breathlessness, the heat, the rush of endorphines, i love it.

Here are some long term benefits of exercise i found in my biology textbook-

  1. The resting heart rate goes down-When you  exercise, your hear can deliver more blood to the muscles without its rate of beating rising too far. The heart muscle grows stronger.
  2. The muscles used in exercise grow larger- The muscle fibers grow thicker and their number increases, thus the muscles become stronger.
  3. More enzymes are made in the muscle tissue-The muscle is able to take up oxygen and food more rapidly from the blood and increase the rate of energy production.
  4. Your ligaments and tendons become stronger– this reduces the chance of injury.
  5. Your joints become flexible-giving a grater range of movement
  6. All these changes increase your strength and also your stamina and endurance.
  7. The body produces endorphins (the feel good hormones) in response to intense physical exercise- You amplify your health and happiness, What’s better?

Also, the exercise doesn’t need to be vigorous but should raise the heart and breathing rates and make you warm.

In addition to this, regularity is very important. doing it daily is the challenge. Do it for 20-30 minutes daily for five times a week, then increase it as you progress.

So, what are you waiting for? Start today!