Health or happiness?

Do you often find yourself in a dilemma whether to do something or not? I do, and I have a good way out of it. Just ask yourself one question-

Does this enhance my health and happiness?

Yes, this is the question. And It always helps me making the right choice.

  • Should I watch a movie? enhances happiness? Yes.
  • Should I try green tea? enhances health? Yes.
  • Should I buy this shirt? enhances happiness? Yes.

The flaw in this method is When you are caught between health and happiness. for example-

  • Should I eat this Pizza?  Health? No, Happiness? Yes.

In such times, it is your choice what to do. But I usually go with health as it will later in life give me long-term happiness. Eating pizza will do give you happiness, but temporary. This doesn’t mean I never eat pizza or I have never done things  that I shouldn’t.  I did, but at times, you need Happiness, be it temporary.

So, in the end, it is your choice. Be wise, be happy.

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities



2 thoughts on “Health or happiness?

  1. Dear optimisticdreamtraveler,

    I really enjoyed this thought provoking post. I can resonate – at times, I do encounter the same dilemma which is whether or not to do some things. For me, this boils down to how I spend my time and what daily decisions I make.

    I feel like I am a doer – always constantly finding the activities that are best fit for my time. Relaxing for too long is hard for me.

    Anyhow, I am experimenting with the awareness check question you’ve presented:

    Does this enhance my health and happiness?

    And I must agree! It is an excellent question to verify if the avitivty that follows is going to be beneficial for my life.

    Thanks for the reminder to push for healthier choice selection as that will reap fruitful long term rewards.

    I do believe we have the ability to choose a great deal of what goes on in our life. Cheers to being wise, happy, and fulfilled. And I say, kudos to incorporating J.K.Rowling, this is a great message!

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