A day of meditation and peace

Yesterday, I did a 1 day Vipassana course. What’s Vipassana? It’s meditation involving concentration on the body or its sensations, or the insight which this provides. 

Inspired by reading a blog on trying new things, https://successinspry.wordpress.com/2016/05/13/how-to-start-winning-more-in-life, I decided this was definitely something new.

I woke up at around 7, and with my elder sister and dad, we went to Navi mumbai, near nerul, where it took place. I was surprised to find that there were around 100 children there, like 50 boys and 50 girls. Most of them around my age.

At first, we meditated , the Anapana Mediation.

  • We have to sit straight
  • Keep eyes and mouth closed
  • Focus on nostrils
  • Remain aware of our natural breath
  • Not count or add any word or verbalization
  • When mind wanders away, bring it back to awareness of respiration

We did this for 1 hour, then had lunch, in which they served Pav bhaji and orange juice, then we were explained the rules of Anapana again and Sila: the fuve percepts.

We did Anapana for the next 3 hours or so with three 5 mintues breaks in between. I also made a friend there. Her name is Simran (I would not forget this name as it is name of Kajol in DDLJ)

It would be wrong to say Anapana changed my life or increased my concentration, because I started this just yesterday, I will benefit from it if I practise it regularly. Which I will try to do.

Here are some benefits which anyone who practices this regularly will get-

  1. Increased concentration of mind
  2. Memory becomes sharp
  3. Decision making power improves
  4. Self confidence increases
  5. Fear and stress decrease
  6. Capacity to work increases
  7. We become masters of our mind

Overall, I would say, yes, this was a good experience, it was nice to spend a Sunday in a different way.