Blogging goals

Here’s why I blog, my goals and what I want to gain with this blog-

Why I blog?

  • To be able to share my story, what i  learn everyday with the world
  • To get feedback from others about my posts and be better by a bit everyday
  • To inspire and motivate others

My goals-

  • To gain 100 followers
  • Write 1 post everyday without fail
  • Spend one hour each week visiting my followers’ blogs, reading, and commenting on them
  • Write 100 posts
  • Get 100 likes (on 21 June ’16)
  • Get more than 300 total views by the end of the year  (on 23 June’16)
  • Now I aim for 1000+ views by the end of the year (on 3 August ’16)
  • 100 visitors (on 10 June ’16)

What I want to gain with this blog?

  • Improve my writing skills
  • Be able to help others (by inspiring them)
  • Make my parents proud

That’s it for now!


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