Switzerland photos

I was looking at my old photos, that’s when saw these pictures from a family trip to Switzerland last summer and here are some pictures.


europe 976
europe 921
Jet d’Eau fountain
europe 946
Grass clock

europe 1055europe 1169.jpgeurope 1376


4 thoughts on “Switzerland photos

  1. it is my dream to go to switzerland and settle there…aftr looking at ur pictures i could not help but think is there really a place in this world which is admirable in a way that we just get stunned by looking at the beauty πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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      1. m glad..dat i got a chance to chek on ur blog…really nice blog u r writing…i hope u never stop writing…as writer lover myself i knw the feeling when people appreciate ur writing πŸ™‚

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