In the church

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I walk into the church, like I do every Sunday since the past 20 years, all alone, this loneliness kills me. I sit here every Sunday and wonder what wrong did I do in my life that I have to suffer this? Why are my children not talking to me? Why was I the love from my life taken away from my life? Why am I deprived of love?

Read more… I remember how I spend my days, looking out the window, looking out at the people, hoping someone will smile and talk to me. And when I say hi and smile at them , they look at me as if I am crazy and go away. It stinks, living in a big house with no one to love you. And the times when I—– A sobbing sound disturbed my train of thought. I looked back and saw a child barely 6 years old wiping his tears. Judging from his clothes, he was beggarly. I walked up to the child and asked “What’s the matter, my child?”

Whimpering, he said-“I raan away from tha orphanage, I don’t like *sob* tha other kids. *sob* They bully me. I want to go to my parents.”

My initial reaction was to send him back to his orphanage, but he doesn’t like there, What should I do?, I thought. He looks hungry, maybe I should take him home and give him a good meal?

10 minutes later

“Thank you” the kid, whose name I now know as Max said.

“Can I stay with you?” he asked with his eyes shining of hope. Without a second thought, I said “yes, sure, my child”

We were two people who needed the same thing- love and now here we are living life together. And I know Max will always be there for me.


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