Where I write and where I wanna write

I write in my room away from the world, with my school textbooks (wait, 11th grade is college, right?) open beside me and some food and drinks on the table while wondering if I switched off the water geyser after taking a hot bath today. This is not the way it should be done, right?

The place where I would like to write would definitely be in the arms of nature. In my backyard? (If I get lucky enough to have one)

Nature inspires me, there’s so much yet to be discovered in nature, so many beauties yet to be explored, so  many sunsets yet to be appreciated. If I could live in a tree house, I would (just kidding).

Also, the place where I would want to write would be away from the world, somewhere I can be me (well, I am always me), just away from the distractions, somewhere peaceful, that would be awesome.

Also, I want songs playing in the background, songs I love. I read somewhere that songs can enhance your creativity, so that’s great news for me and my brain. (wait, my brain is a part of me)

So, in conclusion- nature+music+away from the world, yes, that would be it.

I am on my search for this perfect place, I am not gonna find it, I am gonna earn it. Wish me luck!


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