In more time

What would I do if I had 30 hours a day instead of 24? That’s a lot of time. 6 hours more a day. Here’s what I would do-

  • Get more sleep
  • Write more- more poems, more stories (Maybe someday I will write a novel)
  • Eat more food! I love eating, so why not use some time on these delicacies?
  • Watch more movies- as I love watching movies
  • Learn a foreign language. Maybe French or Spanish?
  • Spend time with my family.
  • Learn how to cook a dish ( I do know some simple ones, but there’s always space for improvement.
  • Improve my handwriting!
  • Exercise, Love that rush of endorphins!
  • Blog more
  • Read more novels
  • Learn cooking a dish
  • Gardening
  • Draw more, let the creativity out
  • Master the rubik’s cube
  • Get six pack abs
  • Learn photography
  • Start a new TV series
  • Learn calligraphy (and wrote my poems there?)
  • Master the hula hoop
  • Learn swimming,  who knows one dat because of global warming the world will be with water everywhere abs swimming won’t be an option
  • Be ambidextrous
  • Do a crash course on a subject I love
  • Learn a musical instrument

Here’s my list of what I would do with that extra hour. What would you do? Comment below.