Is love overrated?



When I look at all the media we are getting influenced by, movies, books, TV series, music, I notice that almost all of them are about love.

  • We have movies about love- The notebook, who can forget the iconic-Titanic and romeo and Juliet
  • We have TV  series about how people fell in love- how I met your mother
  • Almost all songs are love songs or breakup songs.

Yes, these are the things which show us how love is very important part of our lives. They portray love as “perfect” and “never ending” which is not what it happens like in real life. I would say the perfect love story is an idealist fantasy and the media tricks us into believing it.

But then on the other hand,

Without love, life has no meaning, and when caught in a turmoil, it is love that makes us feel better again. Love has the power to make us quit our jobs, travel miles, go to any lengths for the feeling of being loved. It is love that keeps us alive in the worst of situations, love can make us want to die for the other person and to go against our family (Romeo and Juliet). Love can truly make us do crazy things for the other person.

But still as  a conclusion I would say, if anything, Love is underrated.

What are your views? Do you think love is overrated? Comment below.


2 thoughts on “Is love overrated?

  1. Dear optimisticdreamtraveler,

    Your message is refreshing and I also believe that love is a central and essential component in our lives.

    Love makes us feel better and sharing love can help someone else feel better too. The cost to give love vs the benefit received is immeasurable.

    Yes, love keeps us alive in the worst of situations and it can also magnify already good situations but ultimately I side with you.

    I believe love is underrated and I often take it for granted (the love of my family and friends) even though I consider myself to be a grateful person. These are my views, thank you for posting and have a remarkable day!

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