My views on Romeo and Juliet

Who doesn’t know about Romeo and Juliet’s romantic story which turned into tragedy? Romeo and Juliet is supposedly the best perfect love story and their love for each other is immeasurable. How perfect do you think Romeo and Juliet actually is?


Let’s see- Romeo was around 16 years of age while Juliet was of slender age of 13.

They met each other at the party, saw each other, fell in love, got married the next day, had coitus and died together in each others arms.

This was a love story of mere 4 days.

First of all, I would like to say they fell in love at first sight. Does love at first sight exists? I would say, no. If you saw someone the first time and you wanna be with them, then no it is not love. You like the person’s physical appearance (because what else can you learn about that person at first sight?)

Second of all, they married the next day.  And they were teenagers. They married without the approval of their parents. Teenagers marrying each other the day after they met?

They had coitus. I don’t know if this is legal but it is definitely not biologically acceptable. They were so young!

They died in each other’s arms the fourth day. A love story of mere 4 days. Aren’t love stories supposed to last forever?

Would you still say Romeo and Juliet is a perfect love story?

P.S. I am not a Shakespeare hater or any kind of hater, Shakespeare was one of the great minds born on Earth. I am also not saying I hate love stories. I am just critiquing one of the great works as a part of #everydayinspiration course. I would like to add I am not a great philosopher to critique this and my views may not be correct so feel free to correct me by commenting down below.


7 thoughts on “My views on Romeo and Juliet

  1. everything can happen in this world it was there love who are we to say they did not loved or who is willing to give there life to the other in the selfish world love stories do not last forever who said as it is said love is what makes you happy and hurt it is not possible that in love you do not get hurt and the lasting is not important the love is important and in a way it is true in the past too and now too people are against love which results in drastic results and love at first sight can happen but not to physical appearance but to the inner soul and there is no answer or question for love if there is a reason then it is not love :0

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    1. Hey flyingcolours603,
      Thanks for sharing your opinion. You are right in many ways. Love is what makes us` happy and makes our lives beautiful, we should respect it instead of questioning it. Maybe love at first sight can happen, never happened to me, so cannot believe :). Yes, love is important in our lives and that is in a way what keeps us alive. We should rejoice it and be grateful for it. Thanks again for sharing your opinion.

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  2. There’s absolutely more to the story than just a teenage love of four days. I adore Shakespeare’s writing. To me that in itself is a brilliant love story. As so many people fall in love with it.
    That being said, this post was hilarious!!!! I laughed after each paragraph 🙂 I think this was a great post. In retrospect you’re absolutely right, 13 and 16 and having sex? What!?!? Plus someone married them!? Today that’s insane! No one would allow that.
    I loved your opinion. Thank you for sharing!

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