A night without electricity

My sister and I spent some days at my cousin sister’s house, this is the account of 1 day of it, more specifically 1 night- after dinner at around 11:00 pm the lights and fans went off.

11:00 pm- Electricity went off, my cousin sister and I started playing ‘Chain reaction’ game on my sister’s phone. We played till I won, which was the fourth game.

11:30 pm- Tried sleeping, but it’s too hot.

12:00 midnight- Finally decided I have to sleep, no matter what. Tried sleeping again.

2:00 am- Woke up after getting some pretty weird dreams (Shahrukh khan coming here and lighting it up). Tried sleeping again.

4:30 am- Woke up covered in thin layer of sweat, now I decided I will stay awake till light comes on. My sis and I went to Balcony to get some air. She listens to music through her headphones. I stick my hand out the grill and feel it’s drizzling. (yes, the balcony has a grill, it’s not open)

4:45 am- My cousin sis also wakes up and comes to the balcony. We sing One call away, Stitches and Sorry (her favorites). After exercising our vocal cords, we discuss what we want to do in future. I say I wanna help others so I wanna become a doctor and I also wanna become a writer because I love writing. She says she wants to sing and tells me how she thinks composing a song is more difficult than writing it’s lyrics. I say how lyrics play an equally important role in the making of a song —- Mami shouts (in a happy way, not an angry way) that the light has come on.

Few seconds later- After pinching myself, I realize that light has actually come on and this isn’t another dream.

Few more seconds later- We jump on our beds and as soon as our head hits the pillow, we fall asleep in the mixed air of A.C. and fan.

The next morning- 11:30 am- I wake up to….nothing? I see Peehoo (my younger cousin sister) missing, must have gone to school, it was her first day of 7th. I reach for my sister’s headphones and Mp3 player and listen to “Heut ist so ein schoner tag” (which translates to’Today is such a beautiful day’)- a german song which brings back lots of memories.

Several minutes later- Eventually everyone wakes up and we discuss the events of last night as we have breakfast.

All in all, I would say although it was devastating and hot last night, I don’t really regret it. I learnt the value of electricity. And the next time (which will be all the time) I have light and a working fan above me, I know I am grateful about it.


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