Not the same

When was the last time you went for a walk outside in the garden? The last time you spent a day with your family, leaving your mobile, your e-mail, your social media behind? It is kinda impossible to imagine a day without mobile these days. And how is this affecting you? 

Today evening, my sister and I went for an evening walk, I saw 2 kids, not more than 8 were playing outside, and by playing I don’t mean playing football or cricket or other sport, I meant they were looking at the mobile screen and “playing”.  I didn’t need any more proof, I could see it how everything has changed.

I remember when I was a kid I used to go outside with all enthusiasm to meet my friends, we used to gather and play (and here by play I mean actual physical play), we used to play hide and seek, badminton, lagori.

And now looking at those 2 kids outside, I imagine their mom must have sent them to play outside and here they are peering at their phones. And this cell phone addiction has given rise to memes-







So whom do you choose to be? You wanna be in touch with friends through social media or you are gonna go and actually meet them? The choice is yours.