Half a year

Today is 30 June ’16 which marks the end of half a year. Can’t believe it passed away so fast. Now I look back and recall how I spent half a year-

  • Started a blog!
  • Made 54 drawings
  • Read 16 novels (I had exams at the beginning of the year, so couldn’t read more)
  • Did a psychology crash course
  • Started and doing a philosophy crash course
  • Learned Anapana, a type of meditation-(for more info., read- https://optimisticdreamtraveler.wordpress.com/2016/05/30/a-day-of-meditation-and-peace/ )
  • Loved and lost (well, it’s better to have loved and lost than to not be loved at all)
  • Had a 1 week sleepover with one of my best friend
  • Celebrated birthday in school!
  • Started watching 3 TV series- f.r.i.e.n.d.s., Big bang theory and Grey’s anatomy
  • Watched 63 movies!
  • Learnt Calligraphy

I think this was it. I plan to do more in the second half of the year.

What did you do the first half of the year? Comment below!