Quote it! #1

From today on wards I am starting my weekly feature of a book/movie quote, which I may have read/watched or otherwise. So here is this Tuesday’s book quote-

Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get.

-Forrest, Forrestgump (1994)

And here’s another from the same movie-

I don’t know if mama was right, that we each have a destiny, or if if was Lieutenant  Dan, that we are all just floating around, accidental, like on a breeze, but I think… I think… maybe… it’s both happening at the same time.

-Forrest, Forrestgump (1994)

From one of my favorite movies, Forrestgump. I like this quote as it states what life is about and why, one of the questions I almost always find myself wondering about. A question which has no correct answer. What’s the purpose of life? On top of that- Does life have a purpose or is it accidental like Mrs.Gump said.

What do you think life is? What is the purpose of life? Comment below!


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