The walls around us

How many times have you heard- The biggest reason for sorrow is expectations? I used to believe it for a long time but then I stopped when I realized the truth.

 A person  who expects nothing is someone who doesn’t want anything in life. OK, consider this- you are in a relationship with someone but the other person doesn’t treat you well. Will a person who doesn’t expect anything do something about it? No, cause he doesn’t expect anything from the other person.

I remember I used this technique to supposedly be away from sadness. I won’t be excited about anything cause if I don’t meet my expectations I will be sad. Then even if something grand happened the next day, I won’t even be happy about it. Why? Cause I didn’t expect anything!

I didn’t daydream about what would happen, I didn’t stare and smile at particularly nothing, with those scenarios playing in my head

I didn’t want anything in life cause I wasn’t expecting, I was accepting.

But how long would you just keep accepting? Accepting whatever life threw at you? We want to be in control of our life, we want to write our own future.

The walls we build around us to keep out the hurt and pain also keep out the joy.

-Jim Rohn

All in all, I would say we either get to experience happiness with it’s own smiles and laughs and hugs, along with the pain of those dark days or we get to experience nothing at all by expecting nothing. The choice is yours. Either live life with both sadness and joy or experience nothing at all.

I am not sure if what I am saying is correct and square. So feel free to correct me on your views about happiness and what you think about my post. Have a great day!