To be optimistic

Recent events in my life had got me down, and I thought I shouldn’t be crying, I am optimistic. And this led me to wonder what does being optimistic even mean? Is it looking at life sugarcoated or smiling through the pain?

I have this theory that there’s a point till which one can handle disappointments and sadness. And if they cross that point, then they would be classified as depressed or sad.

And I guess being optimistic is about that, about having a point higher than others. To endure more pain than others can. To be strong in a situation others are weak. The more optimistic the person is much higher is their point.

I have this other theory that being optimistic means making the best out of everything. Even if something bad happens, you are not gonna stand their in the dark whining over the problem, you are gonna follow the ray of hope, get out of the problem and learn it as a lesson or an experience.

Make the best out of it- convert it into a song, get inspired to write a novel by that experience, or just add it to your list of lessons learnt. Don’t look at it as a problem, look at it as a challenge. If you fail, you will learn something out of it, make the best of it.

What do you think? Do you agree with my theories? What is being optimistic according to you? Comment below.


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