Why I am not fine with I am fine

If I asked you right now, how are you, what are you gonna say? Are you gonna go with the cliché- I am fine are will you tell me how you actually are?

I don’t know if this happened with everyone but speaking from my own experience as a child, I was taught the reply to how are you is I am fine. We were never encouraged to say how we actually are, just the plain old- I am fine.

There are of course times when people are not feeling fine. But how many do actually say it when asked How are you?

Maybe this is a small topic to be rambling about and there are greater problems in universe to be solved and maybe this post will not get many views and maybe 1 or 2 people will actually follow it, but that’s the least we can do to make a small but significant change in the society and we all shall start with the small problems and then step on to greater ones.

OK,that’s a lot of talk about change. Back to the topic, so here’s what I think, I think one should say what they actually feel at that time when asked how they are and a problem shared is a problem halved. At least this way one will be encouraged to share, to speak up not bottle it up.

So now if I ask you-How are you? What are you gonna reply?