To be photographed

A picture paints a thousand words. Here is  a list of the thousand words I want to photograph-


  • An elderly couple holding hands- I think having that young love even when we are old is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to us.
  • Rainbow- The natural spectrum of the 7 colors hanging high in the sky
  • Stars- Like real stars, not 2 or 3 stars but a thousand stars, hopefully a constellation. I don’t know if this happens with everyone, but when I look out the window, I see no stars to gaze at, will get 1 or 2 maybe. Pollution has taken away our joy of sitting on the grass and gazing at the stars.
  • Moon(s)- The full moon, the crescent moon, the half moon, no moon (wait, that’s basically all dark). All of them.
  • Fireworks- I have tried this many times but in vain. The timing is never perfect, either the camera captures late or the firework has already blown. With enough practice, I hope I am able to capture a perfect picture some day.
  • New born baby- the first cry, the first smile, a new life and that is worth capturing.
  • Crashing waves- Time and tide waits for none
  • Sunrise and sunset at the same place- After a great day, sunsets remind us that everything must come to an end on their proper time. But rather than losing hope, we should remember that every time the sun sets, we give way to another sunrise.
  • Bat hitting a ball- Skeptical about this one. But will try.
  • An animal- this could be anything, a deer, a squirrel, a monkey.
  • A wedding photo- The bride and the groom on their happiest day of their life (not really happiest, depends on what happens after wedding)
  • A group jumping photo- I don’t really know how this works. Combining the perfect timing of the jump of the group of people  with the timing of the snapshot of the camera. Phew! Sounds exhausting, still I dare to add this to my list.

That’s all I can think of for now. I will post the photos when I capture them and maybe start a weekly photograph feature on my blog. Will see what future has in for me. That’s all for now, have an amazing day!