To lose yourself

The great personalities we know about, be it APJ Abdul Kalam or Issac Newton or Elvis Presley, I look at them(not really look) and wonder what is it that made them great, that made them who they are? I wonder what they sacrificed or lost to become who they are now. I ask myself if you have to lose yourself in order to achieve something priceless?

I guess you have to.  If you want to be something more than you are today, you have to lose who were yesterday. If you wanna change, you are losing the past you.

Like they say- To get something, you have to lose something and I guess this applies for everything. Go out for shopping, you lose money. To be a famous celebrity, you have to give up on your time in order to be better at something.

And maybe that’s why we don’t get anything for free, we earn it. And I think that’s how life is, what you are, who you are now, is what you have gained, you have earned it along with losing a lot of things. And it is up to us to decide what we want, what we earn, what we become.


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