Started as us

How many times have you looked that guy who can solve a Rubik’s cube in seconds and wished you could do that or at that dancer and wondered if could dance like that ? Did you ever try that?


To be honest, I couldn’t imagine having a blog ( and regularly writing for it) a year ago. There was this voice in me telling I will fail (because mostly I give up everything I try halfway) but a small voice said just give it a try. I did! And now I am there. I have a blog, I write for it.

When I was a kid, I used to read some poems and stories and wondered how they can write so beautifully while I am here staring at this blank piece of paper with an equally blank mind. I blamed it all to their genes,they had it in their genes so they can do that. They were born with it, I wasn’t, I used to say.

But later in life, I learned, it was not their magical powers or inborn talent the reason why they succeeded. They tried, they believed they had more to life, they believed they can be more than they are today. They started as us. Just like you and me.

You cannot do it until you start doing it.

-unknown (I probably just made it up)

So when are you gonna start?