Can your happiness be marked on a Calendar?

Friendship day is approaching. The day of celebrating your friendship.  A shoutout to all my friends for putting up with me. I have a question- Well, why this day? Who decided the first Sunday of every August people are supposed to feel grateful to their friends and celebrate their friendship? Isn’t happiness supposed to come from within?

Suppose it is Diwali, the day of lights, the biggest celebration of the year. And for some reason, you are in misery, you are depressed. You go out there, light up the diyas, put on the glittering clothes, burst the crackers (which you should not do, for environmental reasons), put on that fake smile. ‘Cause deep inside you are not well, you wanna shout, you wanna scream, you just don’t feel happy.

Is that celebration? How is that being happy? What is all the putting on a fake show for? Just because someone decided today you are supposed to be happy, so be “happy”?

Assume, some next few weeks later, you get out of that misery hole, you feel alive. You believe in life and love again. Will you celebrate this day or wait for the next holiday marked on that calendar to come on?

On the whole, I would say, do it when you feel like it. You don’t have to be happy ’cause you are supposed to be. And celebrate when you want. Celebrate when you are happy, celebrate when you feel like it.

Go out there, light up those diyas, confess your love, decorate the tree, thank your parents, play  with those colours, host a party, give a gift to your friend, and live your life, the way you want it!