Home; Photogenic Friday #7

What’s home for you? Most of you would say it is your family. Same for me. Families are the people who have seen your birth, seen you fall, seen crawl, seen you in your worst times and love you the most. My sister studies engineering in IIT Chennai, my dad works in SBI in Satara, my mom and I live in Mumbai, so it is kinda rare that our house has a home. It feels delightful when all of us are together in one city, in one house, under one roof. So, all in all, I would say my home is my family, when all of us are together. Here’s a photo of my Home- I wanted a photo of Home, but not a photo of my family members, so I decided to go with this bag concept. The bags represent each of the members of the family and I am truly Home when all of us are together in our house.


This is my home, what’s yours?