A celebration of togetherness

It is late afternoon and I sit on my study table determined to finish Work, power and energy chapter today. I turn off the mobile, get my books and pencils out and as I sit down to study I hear the sounds of drums beating and trumpets blowing. Today  is the 10th and final day of Ganesha chaturthi. I realise that with all the celebration and noise of the visarjan I cannot study.
I look out the window and see people dancing in joy to the sounds of ganpati songs and aartis and singing, all of them together making a crowd on the road with a truck in front of them which probably has the ganpati statue all decorated inside.

I remember a few days ago with my family ❤ I went to the powai lake to see the ganpati visarjan late at night. I remember looking at the over joyous crowd singing aartis just before drowning the statue.
They all sang and danced in unison.
If there wasn’t any celebration, I am sure you would find the kids at home finishing their homework, the fathers and mother at the office working late, all of them busy in their own work, busy in their lives. But now they were all together, dancing and singing in unison.


In a way it was a celebration of unity, of togetherness. I think every festival is like a celebration of togetherness.
Even though I don’t believe in god, by looking at the people and the joy it brings them by believing in it, I felt maybe that’s what it is. It is something that makes you believe that there’s more to life than what is now, it gives you that hope when everything is lost, maybe god is not a physical person or entity, maybe god is something non-physical, something that gives you hope, gives you light and makes you believe.