Happily ever after, literally

What if you could be happy forever, like literally. We all know the ending to the fairy tales and how it ends with a happily ever after and we all know that it doesn’t happen, why? Because we all are living and surviving this thing called life. What if it could be true? What if you could be happy but only happy and not get to experience any other emotions?

We all know we come to this world with nothing and go with nothing.

Not doing anything in life, just enjoying and having fun.

How sad would it be to come with nothing and leave nothing behind?

A life without meaning, how much happiness could you have? Would you even understand the importance of the happiness you received without any struggles?

Its like the time when the electricity is not there for one night and the next day you are so very grateful for the electricity to come, and you appreciate it more after the electricity went off then before when you took it for granted.

Or the time when your best friend doesn’t come to school, and the day doesn’t pass the same way as it did with them. The next day you realise what a big difference your friend does and you wholly appreciate his presence more than you did before.

So would you be able to acknowledge the happiness without having experienced any sorrow? Wouldn’t it have lost its meaning?

Like a one night stand or the feel of drugs or smoke, you know you’re enjoying it, but the happiness has lost its meaning.
What’s that if not an act of selfishness and ultimately leading to a life without any meaning.

So what are we struggling for?

Cause we hope for a better tomorrow.
We all have our problems, the pressure, the stress and that doesn’t mean the worst has come, it means the best is yet to come.

I have this quote on a wall in my room, and whenever I read it, it gives me hope, makes me believe

The struggles, the fights they all give us something to fight for, something to live for, to keep the struggle going on and to the search of happiness going long.

It means the happiness is there, it’s yet to come.

There are two ways to achieve happiness, one is the meaningless, hollow, void happiness and the other one is the one where you know, understand and acknowledge the meaning of happiness, the struggle behind it and the beauty and the meaning of it.


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