Maybe it’s not the tears, but the journey to happiness that truly heals us

Maybe it’s not the scars, but them healing that mends us

Maybe it’s not the falling down, but the getting up that makes us win

Maybe it’s not the mistakes, but the lessons learnt that give us success

Maybe it’s not destiny, but our creation that has led us up to who we are

Maybe it’s not the world, but us who makes us feel what we feel

Maybe it’s not god, but we writing our book, the book of our past, present and future



4 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. Maybe it is everything you mentioned? Very creative. 🙂
    Anyways, sorry for the bother, but I’ve been having some trouble with pingbacks and I recently nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award but I don’t know if you ever got the notification due to the problems so, just in case you didn’t get any notification I will leave you the link to the post for the award:
    Thanks! I enjoy your work!

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