Butterfly; Photogenic Friday#13


I, a child of 10 was in the garden

I sit still on the park bench until a butterfly catches my eye

The butterfly of wealth, of glory and fame

Eyes full of greed and hunger as I run down to chase it

Through the forest, the mountain slopes

I fall down, and yet I rise again

I try and try, no, won’t give up

To get that fame, the wealth, the glory

Seasons changed and years passed

In this chase of greed and hunger

Until one day, I see a child looking at the butterfly

With glittering eyes full of awe and wonder

And then I learned not to chase, the butterfly was made

I sit down beside the child

Now, my hair with white and wrinkly skin

No, these things aren’t made to chase

Cause the road to fame, wealth and glory are nothing but a delusion

It’s never enough and there’s no winning it

P.S. This was my 100th post on my blog and I am more than happy about it. Thanks for the love and support, my fellow readers. Have a wonderful day!


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