Let your eyes see the dark

I twist and turn and roll around in my bed. After a lot of tries,  I finally give up on getting that little ounce of sleep that I was supposed to get today, ’cause my body has betrayed me again. I pull off the covers and sit up straight on my bed. My phone’s lock screen tells me it is 1:23 am. What to do now? I ask myself. Instead of switching on my computer and watching another nigahiga video, or checking my Facebook again, I sit still on my bed in the dark and let my eyes see things.


I cannot really see anything much. My eyes take a few seconds to adjust to the darkness.

What can I see now?

Just the vague outline of objects (I didn’t have my glasses on) in the dark. After all, you need light to look in the dark, right? When a beam of light falls on an object from a source of light then this light gets reflected in all directions after striking that object. The reflected light then reaches our eyes and we see that object, something along those lines, I recall from a not-so-interesting science class from months ago.

The science thing aside, I think sometimes we need to look at the dark, not necessary if we make out one thing from the other. We need to see the dark and embrace it.

To look in the dark, look at the ugly truth and face it. It is all around us, the dark truths, the lost fights, the failures, the mistakes committed, the scars, the cuts, the tears, the cries, the anxieties. We all have faced it, and we still are facing them now. We all have been through such times, and there’s no denying it.

We sometimes fail to see these tucked away parts of ourselves. Who needs to remind themselves of their failures and miseries? We like to know ourselves as the person with the achievements and smiles. But aren’t we equal parts pain and joy?  Doesn’t that make us who we are?

The happy memories that bring a smile to your face or the scar that makes you wanna cry, all of it is a part of us and both of them have shaped us equally in the living, breathing, screaming person that we are.

So the next time you find yourself unable to sleep, look in the dark and embrace it.


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