Sunrise; Photogenic Friday#14

Sunsets are for the romantics, for the idealists and the believers. for those fond of the calm, those who’ve been sheltered, who’ve never had to weather a storm. but sunrises, sunrises are for the survivors, for the ones who’ve weathered storms, the ones left standing after the hell of a night in the er, the ones holding your hand through darkness, because they’ve learned to only need the light inside them. sunsets are for first dates, for exchanging names and hobbies and talking about dreams. sunrises are for the few who will survive nightmares with you, who will help you fight monsters and slay dragons. sunsets are for promises, but sunrises are for reality, for the grittiness of it, for the bags under your eyes, messy hair and spotty skin. sunrises are where life begins. so, i guess what i’m saying is – fall asleep only next to the ones you want to see the first thing in the morning.

-Marina V