28 lessons I learnt this year

And that doesn’t include what I “learnt” in school

  1. Half the things we worry about won’t even happen
  2. Water is not tasteless
  3. Do it when the excitement is still there
  4. In the end, you are gonna have to help yourself
  5. It is better to say I can’t believe I did it than saying I wish I did it
  6. Never regret anything that makes you smile
  7. You don’t buy a gift for your friend a day  before their birthday
  8. The reply to How are you is seldom fine
  9. Good relationship>single>> bad relationship
  10. There’s nothing like no time, it’s all about priority
  11. Avoiding the problem only increases the distance between you and the problem
  12. You don’t find yourself, you create yourself
  13. Looks can be very very deceptive
  14. What you remember becomes what happened
  15. It is not the distance that breaks relationships, it is the silence
  16. It is the first step that is difficult
  17. Love is the best and the worst thing that can happen to you
  18. The Necklaces, bracelets, rings are made to be worn, not to be lying catching dust in your Wardrobe, wear them, and no, there doesn’t need to be an occasion
  19. Well begun is half done
  20. Discipline is the line between what you want now and what you want the most
  21. Be unapologetically you
  22. It doesn’t take much time to fall in love with someone, a week, a day, sometimes even an hour is enough
  23. Never change yourself for anybody, if you have to, then the person is not worth it
  24. The only normal people are the people you don’t know yet
  25. If you are asking yourself what am I doing here? Then you probably don’t know the answer to that
  26. Life is too short to not write with your favourite pens
  27. No matter how rich or falls or successful you become,  there will always be done people who hate you
  28. The best moments in life are unexpected