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Have you ever had that wonderful experience that leaves you breathless or blows your mind away (in a good way)?

 The feeling when you just achieved something, fell in love, finished a marathon or travelled to a beautiful country?

What did you do next?
Message your best friend about it, post photos on Facebook or maybe write about it in your diary?
We all have been there and done that.

I have this theory that we all are books carrying these hundreds of stories inside of us.
We are the stories we tell and the stories we live.
Life is made up of the small moments and amazing experiences that we live and make.
And on that ride with those people listening to that song, we talk one story of the thousands that we store within us whilst making another story.

And in the end, we are gonna be just another story someone else talks about in the family gathering or to their friends.
In the end, these books, they stop being, they get buried down in the earth, they stop breathing and leave.
And even though these books die, their stories still live.

In someone’s heart, in someone’s praise, in someone’s mind, in someone’s memories.
So let us be a good collection of stories, the book that dies, but it’s stories doesn’t.