Stole my brain


I remember the first time I saw you

You took my brain away

My occipital lobe processed your gleaming eyes and your eloquent lips filled with silent passion

My tango receptors received your touch like the galaxies colliding, directing to the parietal lobe

Temporal lobe detected my name from your lips like soulful music

Frontal lobe turned the perceptions and memories into works of art

Substantia nigra poured dopamine into my bloodstream like a stream of happiness in my soul

Hypothalamus controlled a thousand emotions that you made me feel

Medulla oblongata controlled my heart beating at the speed of light

My hippocampus immortalised the transitional memories

It was my heart that was beating

but Brain that roused to reverberations

It was never my heart that felt any emotions

But my brain that dived into the ocean of feels

So, I would never say you took my heart

But it was the brain that you stole