Life is fair because it is unfair to everyone

Today evening my mum sent me to the cobbler to repair one of her sandals, the strap had come off. The cobbler is a few walks by our house, so I agreed to go. I went to him and had to wait for 5 minutes or so for the sandal to be repaired. I stood on the footpath, thinking about nothing whatsoever when a sight caught my eye. A balloon seller was blowing into balloons and tying them up to his cycle while his child barefooted, sat on the footpath unwrapping a newspaper, inside which lay a vada pav, which he started eating greedily. The balloon seller noticed me looking at them and asked me to buy a balloon, saying the vada pav was his son’s only lunch, he wants to feed his child. I looked into my pocket, I had only enough money for the sandal repair. I paid the money to the cobbler and went back home.

Later, at home, on the internet, I read about an actress who died in her apartment and her body was discovered 3 days later. It was later determined she succumbed due to total organ failure and diabetes. Being so famous when young, yet, not a single soul was there to comfort her when she died, to say goodbye, to just be there for her.

What have they done to deserve this? Why do they have to suffer, I wondered like any average teen would. Although I wouldn’t say I haven’t suffered anything, I too have had my cuts and nights when I cried for hours.

We wonder what about the famous people we know, they don’t have anything to worry about, after reading the internet post, I was proved wrong. Of course, they have their own problems, maybe it is the media, showing us only the glamour and riches in their lives. Same with other famous people we know, the company CEOs and founders. They have it easy, right? Wrong. They have all suffered their part and it is their struggle before that has led to them being affluent and the person they are today. But after all, we are all here, with our on tears and fears, complaining about life being unfair.

I read somewhere life is fair because it is unfair to everyone. And maybe that is true, we are all dealing with the same hell, just different devils.