I refuse to believe


When I was a kid,
They gave me a pair of glasses
They said, “The world will look blurry without them”
And don’t be curious,
Curiosity is for those with fewer grades
I looked at the world through my glasses
Until one day
When curiosity got the best of me,
I took off my glasses
I looked at the world, blurry and hazy
Filled with hunger and greed
Where all they crave is sex and money
And I,
I refused to believe there was something wrong with my eyes
Cause I refused to believe
That I lived in a world,
Where it’s normal
When loving a person of the wrong gender is a crime
When the melanin content in your body defines beauty
When people look down upon psychologists and psychiatrists
Cause only mad people go to them, right?
And when students kill themselves,
They wonder what went wrong
When we are told, be either engineer or doctor
All other jobs are vain
When looking at newspapers,
Is like looking at a catalogue of murder and rape
When young girls are sold for money
And the dowry system is still alive
When parents are so much worried about our future that we don’t see it anymore
Cause I,
I refuse to believe there was something wrong with my eyes
Cause I refuse to believe
That I live in a world,
Where these things happen and it’s normal
There’s nothing wrong with my eyes
There’s something definitely wrong with the world


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