Happily ever after, literally

What if you could be happy forever, like literally. We all know the ending to the fairy tales and how it ends with a happily ever after and we all know that it doesn't happen, why? Because we all are living and surviving this thing called life. What if it could be true? What if … Continue reading Happily ever after, literally


My name’s blurryface and I care what you think

How many times have you heard people saying don't care what people say about you. My question here is isn't that what we ultimately want? To be better than them, to make people think highly of us and in a way that's caring what people think.  I have seen people show off or lie or … Continue reading My name’s blurryface and I care what you think

Blogger recognition award

A few days ago, I was nominated by  lovelyricism  for the blogger recognition award. I want to thank her for the nomination. With great pleasure I fully accept this challenge. I would like you to check out her fantastic blog here. Here are the rules:  Write a post so as to show your award. Thank the … Continue reading Blogger recognition award

Can your happiness be marked on a Calendar?

Friendship day is approaching. The day of celebrating your friendship.  A shoutout to all my friends for putting up with me. I have a question- Well, why this day? Who decided the first Sunday of every August people are supposed to feel grateful to their friends and celebrate their friendship? Isn't happiness supposed to come … Continue reading Can your happiness be marked on a Calendar?

What’s life without?

What's life without zeal? Uneventful, without any feel What's life without flavor? Insipid, with nothing to savor What's life without love? Monotonous and bland What's life without emotion? Like an empty cauldron without potion What's life without colors? All dark and gray What's life without joy? Tedious and dry So, live the life like a … Continue reading What’s life without?

Like that

Life offers a second chance Orphan baby from an abandoned nest Never want to fall in love again Sun reflecting in a bubble Text you or call you or something. Dream House On The Water A hug makes everyone feel better Me and I hope you'll do the same There's ALWAYS a reason. Looking below … Continue reading Like that

The best feelings-

Some of the best feelings in the world- Bringing a smile to someone's face Spending time with family Visiting new places Stomachache you get after laughing a lot Hearing I love you The smell after it rains Doing something others say you can't Tears of happiness Closing the last page of a novel (after reading … Continue reading The best feelings-

Happiness is what you don’t have

what is happiness? one of the unanswered questions in philosophy. Happiness is different for different people. for example- Happiness for a student is good marks Happiness for a farmer is good crops Happiness for a retired father is good future for his children Happiness for a beggar is money Happiness for a mother is her … Continue reading Happiness is what you don’t have