I refuse to believe

When I was a kid, They gave me a pair of glasses They said, "The world will look blurry without them" And don't be curious, Curiosity is for those with fewer grades I looked at the world through my glasses Until one day When curiosity got the best of me, I took off my glasses … Continue reading I refuse to believe


The image within

I come to my haven Look at my mirror At the image within It's cracked into two I realised not back then, but now There are cracks in the corner Who cut it I wonder I reach my drawer to search for something To glue the mirror back The love I had wasn't enough to … Continue reading The image within

Stole my brain

I remember the first time I saw you You took my brain away My occipital lobe processed your gleaming eyes and your eloquent lips filled with silent passion My tango receptors received your touch like the galaxies colliding, directing to the parietal lobe Temporal lobe detected my name from your lips like soulful music Frontal … Continue reading Stole my brain