Life is fair because it is unfair to everyone

Today evening my mum sent me to the cobbler to repair one of her sandals, the strap had come off. The cobbler is a few walks by our house, so I agreed to go. I went to him and had to wait for 5 minutes or so for the sandal to be repaired. I stood … Continue reading Life is fair because it is unfair to everyone


Why do we celebrate birthdays?

In the midst of cake and candles and smiles and hugs, I started wondering why we celebrate birthdays at all? Isn't it our mother's achievement to have given birth to us? Why the cake cutting and candles blowing, why the celebration? Looking at the people around me eager for me to cut the cake, wishing … Continue reading Why do we celebrate birthdays?


Have you ever had that wonderful experience that leaves you breathless or blows your mind away (in a good way)?  The feeling when you just achieved something, fell in love, finished a marathon or travelled to a beautiful country? What did you do next? Message your best friend about it, post photos on Facebook or … Continue reading Stories