About me-

Hello everyone! Srushti, 16, here- a daughter, a sister and dear friend. I am passionate about writing and poems. So I think I can call myself a writer and poet too. I also write for my trending stories website- https://mytrendingstories.com/, an online magazine. I like to read, learn and explore. I live in India, the land of diversity. I like helping others so I want to become a doctor, to care for others, to be the reason for someone else’s smile. As I like writing also,I hope to become a writer also some day. Got a challenging life ahead of me, so wish me luck!

About the name-

As this blog is about self improvement, a part of it is about being positive, so here goes- optimistic.

I may not have mentioned this before but I love psychology, brain, how and why of it. Dreams have always fascinated me. It’s something we do everyday (now don’t say you don’t dream everyday, everyone dreams every night,we just fail to recall them), but still know so little about. It’s so intriguing. With regular practice of dream diary, I can remember my dreams almost every night. So, I would like to call myself a dream traveler.

And here it is- optimisticdreamtraveler

About the blog-

Are you someone who thinks there’s more to life? Do you frequently find ways to be better? Then we have something in common! I am zealous about personality development and personal growth.

This blog is about self improvement  and to be a better person than you were yesterday.