Why is beauty ephemeral?

I gave my sister a flower when she was not wellI gave my grandfather a flower when he lied on ground at peaceI gave my teacher a flower when work was enough for her ageI gave them a flowerThat would wither in a dayAn ephemeral beautyLasting for a dayIf immortality is greater than beauty, Then … Continue reading Why is beauty ephemeral?

Why I want to become a doctor

I want to become a doctor to be the reason behind someone's smile Behind the happiness lasting a while I want to become a doctor to know more about me, you and everyone else To spend hours near the bookshelf I want to become a doctor to learn about the miracle that is human body … Continue reading Why I want to become a doctor


What if what I do isn't what they wanted? What if what I become isn't what they expected? What if the only way I dream is with my eyes closed? What if what I create is not good enough? What if I do something less than perfect? What if I couldn't ever achieve the best? … Continue reading Atelophobia

I refuse to believe

When I was a kid, They gave me a pair of glasses They said, "The world will look blurry without them" And don't be curious, Curiosity is for those with fewer grades I looked at the world through my glasses Until one day When curiosity got the best of me, I took off my glasses … Continue reading I refuse to believe

Stole my brain

I remember the first time I saw you You took my brain away My occipital lobe processed your gleaming eyes and your eloquent lips filled with silent passion My tango receptors received your touch like the galaxies colliding, directing to the parietal lobe Temporal lobe detected my name from your lips like soulful music Frontal … Continue reading Stole my brain

I paint

To fit in, I paint my lips to their shade of red and plump I paint my quirks to their shade of sanity I paint my hair to their shade of long and silky I paint my eccentricity  to their shade of ordinary I paint my skin to their shade of flawless I paint my … Continue reading I paint


It's fascinating how one colour can be so many things The colour of the pain, of the blood in my vein The colour of fire, of a deep desire The colour of sweet bitter love, of the burning sun above The heart in my rib cage, the anger and rage The insatiate lust, of the … Continue reading Red


Have you ever had that wonderful experience that leaves you breathless or blows your mind away (in a good way)?  The feeling when you just achieved something, fell in love, finished a marathon or travelled to a beautiful country? What did you do next? Message your best friend about it, post photos on Facebook or … Continue reading Stories

Where are your memories?

Today after I came back know from my coaching class, I found  my mum looking at old photographs, no, not in mobile or some other electronic device, in the photo albums. The ones we bought years ago, photos still safe under the plastic cover in the photo album. I looked at them, the time when … Continue reading Where are your memories?

Boundaries between life and death

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and the other begins? –Edgar Allan Poe, The Premature Burial. For some people, they are in its sense and meaning, alive and breathing, but deep inside, they have died long ago. Some ugly choices and … Continue reading Boundaries between life and death

Sunrise; Photogenic Friday#14

Sunsets are for the romantics, for the idealists and the believers. for those fond of the calm, those who’ve been sheltered, who’ve never had to weather a storm. but sunrises, sunrises are for the survivors, for the ones who’ve weathered storms, the ones left standing after the hell of a night in the er, the … Continue reading Sunrise; Photogenic Friday#14

Sunshine blogger award

Last month, I was nominated by lovelyricism for the sunshine blogger award. It's with immense pleasure I accept this award.  So please do check out her lovely blog. I apologise for writing this post so late. Things got a little busy and I kept procrastinating it. So here are the rules: Write a post so … Continue reading Sunshine blogger award

With you

Sometimes you gotta bleed to know, that you are alive and have a soul And I have to keep walking to keep me from falling down The world could change it's heart No scars to your beautiful We're stars and we're beautiful Too young to know And too old to admit The worst things in … Continue reading With you


Maybe it's not the tears, but the journey to happiness that truly heals us Maybe it's not the scars, but them healing that mends us Maybe it's not the falling down, but the getting up that makes us win Maybe it's not the mistakes, but the lessons learnt that give us success Maybe it's not … Continue reading Maybe

Perfectly imperfect: Plato in a Vogue shirt

You don’t love someone because they are perfect, you love someone inspite of the fact that they aren’t.

To Kill A Mocking Girl

In a world filled with people with rotting, old souls hidden underneath a preserved body, imperfection is a rarity. We only want the best: we won’t come near gluten anymore, we use apps to track how much glasses of water we drink because apparently we will die without these notifications and we contour our faces as if we’re the Caravaggio of our own skin using chiaroscuro to get the highest cheekbones as possible. This is not a lecture on makeup, makeup gives you the opportunity to have a different appearance every time you step on Goffman’s front stage and it has the power to discover yourself once you’re behind the curtains. This is an ode to imperfection, a love song to big noses, crooked teeth, Steve Buscemi-eyes and all the features society just cannot accept.

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Blogger recognition award

A few days ago, I was nominated by  lovelyricism  for the blogger recognition award. I want to thank her for the nomination. With great pleasure I fully accept this challenge. I would like you to check out her fantastic blog here. Here are the rules:  Write a post so as to show your award. Thank the … Continue reading Blogger recognition award

By the beach; A Short story

Ratan was in Goa on a school trip. The teacher asked everyone to play and remain on the sea shore. Ratan couldn't help himself and wondered deep into the waters of the ocean. Ratan's dad died three months ago. Filled with sorrow and misery, Ratan would rather stay melancholy rather than play with his school friends. His … Continue reading By the beach; A Short story