I refuse to believe

When I was a kid, They gave me a pair of glasses They said, "The world will look blurry without them" And don't be curious, Curiosity is for those with fewer grades I looked at the world through my glasses Until one day When curiosity got the best of me, I took off my glasses … Continue reading I refuse to believe


Life is fair because it is unfair to everyone

Today evening my mum sent me to the cobbler to repair one of her sandals, the strap had come off. The cobbler is a few walks by our house, so I agreed to go. I went to him and had to wait for 5 minutes or so for the sandal to be repaired. I stood … Continue reading Life is fair because it is unfair to everyone

Stole my brain

I remember the first time I saw you You took my brain away My occipital lobe processed your gleaming eyes and your eloquent lips filled with silent passion My tango receptors received your touch like the galaxies colliding, directing to the parietal lobe Temporal lobe detected my name from your lips like soulful music Frontal … Continue reading Stole my brain


Have you ever had that wonderful experience that leaves you breathless or blows your mind away (in a good way)?  The feeling when you just achieved something, fell in love, finished a marathon or travelled to a beautiful country? What did you do next? Message your best friend about it, post photos on Facebook or … Continue reading Stories