What‘s listing?

the habit of listing things or making lists.

i discovered this trend when i was getting my daily dose of quora. i bought a 200 page diary and made it my list book.


What did i write about?

  1. my ultimate bucket list(i m gonna write this in a separate post)
  2. movies i want to watch
  3. things i can do when alone at home
  4. fears i have
  5. things i am grateful fir
  6. books i want to read
  7. things i am good at
  8. songs i love
  9. jobs I’d like to take
  10. favourite websites
  11. favourite fictional characters
  12. places i want to travel
  13. photography bucket list

…..and so much more. i have made 146 lists till date.

Why should i make lists?

Making a list will make you more organized, productive and efficient.  Whether you’re writing down healthful goals or just making  shopping list — the benefits are equal:

1.  Reduce Anxiety: How many times have you said “I have a million things to do – how am I going to get it all accomplished?”  A list will help to ease those fears.

2.  Boost Your Brain Power: The act of making a list uses parts of your brain that might not normally get used.  So you’re working your brain power and staying sharp as your organizing your life.

3.  Improve Focus:  Using your list as a roadmap will help you to keep your eye on the prize.  Having a tool to keep your focus will help you in all aspects of your life.

4.  Increase Self Esteem: One of my favorite things to do is to cross something off my list. Once you do this you will feel an amazing sense of accomplishment.This boost of self esteem really helps to keep you motivated and productive.

5.  Organize Your Thoughts: If you declutter your mind and write out a list your thoughts will be less jumbled in all areas of your life.

yeah, so that’s it for now. so why don’t youstart list making today? or if you did, share yourcreative information.  want some ideas on what to write? comment!



6 thoughts on “listing

  1. I love this! Writing down lists is such a good habit to build. Admittedly I’m guilty of making and easily breaking this habit. My thing is sticky notes. Love them. I have a ton and use them to write down everything I want to do form the moment I wake up to the moment my head hits the pillow 🙂
    I have a ton of empty journals that I mostly bought for looks. Now I’m thinking I could use them to write down all of my favorite things.
    Thank’s for the advise 😉


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